Chris Goff
2-Time Best Selling Author and Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and the USA Today
“Chris Goff is one of the most sought after Real Estate educators in the country. He has spent his whole life helping others succeed in Real Estate.”
Brian Tracy - New York Times Best Selling Author
“After many seminars with other companies, I was lucky enough to attend one with Chris Goff.”
Bernie O’Rourke - CEO - Clearwater Real Estate Solutions

Learn How to Invest in Real Estate
the Correct and Most Profitable Way!

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September 16th & 17th, 2017 in Atlanta, GA
ATTENTION: Aspiring, Beginners and Experienced Real Estate Investors...
Who Want to Jump into the Real Estate Game, Make a Positive Change, Help Others and Make Great Living!
You'll Learn From...
Chris Goff · The ONLY Real Estate Investing Trainer Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and The USA Today... 2-Time Best Selling Author... And Filmed by a 4-Time Emmy Award Winning Director
From the Desk of...Chris Goff
"America's #1 Real Estate Investing Trainer"
Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and The USA Today

Dear Friend,

You may have seen me Featured on Major TV Networks, read one of my Best Selling Books or have watched my YouTube videos.

However, I wasn't always a successful real estate investor, author, trainer, coach, consultant & business owner!

When I was a kid, my dream job was to work on airplanes. So I went to school, graduated and sent out a ton of resumes to numerous airlines, private jet companies and manufactures. BUT, the airline industry was down and I couldn't get a job. So I asked myself, what am I going to do? I decided to go into the Airforce! What an amazing experience and an eye-opener to what our armed forces do for us every day. I was assigned to a fighter-bomber jet. Although the pay wasn't very good, I loved it. Eventually the military decided to retire my plane.

So here we go again... I asked myself, what am I going to do? To make a long story short, I landed my dream job with United Airlines. This was what I always wanted to do. After about a year, I realized that although this had been my dream job as a kid, it was not my dream salary as an adult.
NBA Basketball Star Francisco Garcia at Chris’ 2-Day Real Estate Investing Workshop.
Chris’ 2-Day Workshops are always filled with
like-minded people to network with.
My Real Estate Investing Career Began...
But NOT Like I Expected!
I remember back when I first began investing in real estate like it was yesterday. I purchased a real estate program from Carlton Sheets and read through the entire program... and I was TOTALLY confused. I can't even begin to tell you how discouraged I became.

There were SO many times when I thought "this was too complicated and it wasn't for me" and walking away from pursuing my dream of making more money and being stuck at a dead-end job. I tried calling sellers and getting turned down every time, didn't know where to look and then I realized that... I don't even have the cash to buy a house or the down payment required to get a loan.

Financially, it was getting tougher and tougher! Bills were coming in and I found myself living paycheck to paycheck. I tried everything to make even a dollar at this business, but NOTHING seemed to work.

My first deal I NEVER made money on... because I messed up the contracts and broke even!
Ashburn, VA
I Had No Idea What to Do!
I was about to fall flat on my face and give-up... when one day...
I decided to do something that would change my life forever. I QUIT MY JOB and moved to Texas. I figured that real estate would be easier because you could actually buy a house for $40K instead of $400K in Northern, VA where I was living. My mom freaked out and my friends told me I was crazy. BUT you see... it was in my heart, I was passionate about making this work no matter what or the cost.

I ran across an investor, a multi-millionaire that gave me a few pointers to get started and said that I didn't need money to make money in real estate. WHAT!?! Is this for real or some scam?

He said to me...

“No, what you need to understand is that investing in real estate doesn't mean you have to have cash or beg for a loan, you have to learn how to 'Control' real estate.”
We have the check to prove it! $6,500 on our very first deal. Thank You So Much!
Immediately, a Light Bulb Went Off in My Head...
I knew my wealthy successful mentor wouldn't have said that if he didn't mean it 100%.

What if I did the same!?! What if I studied and learned everything from him? I mean every step, the if's, and's and but's about his business and simply apply it to my real estate investing business!?!

Surely it would work, because principles are principles! So, that's what I began doing, and let me tell you... that one idea, "shifted my thinking" INSTANTLY. I mean, INSTANTLY! To be exact, it took me 3 months to do my first (profitable) deal that lead me to 46 deals my first year.

I went from where I was, "spinning my wheels" as a newbie investor, feeling lost in the wilderness, ready to give-up and quit... to now completing more than 500 real estate transactions, a successful real estate investor, author, coach, consultant, entrepreneur and one of the country’s most sought after trainers!
To ensure you walk away ready to implement your new knowledge, we incorporate hands-on exercises throughout each day so you can practice your new skills.
“The class was great! I loved it when Chris went over the contract with the class. He was very clear in presenting information.”

Teresa Nguyen
Cheryl Anderson - Real Estate Investor
Eric Van Gorkom - Real Estate Investor
Jackie & Michael Emmers - Real Estate Investors
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September 16th & 17th, 2017 in Atlanta, GA
If I Can Do it... You Surely Can!
See, I know what you're probably going through because I've been there. And, I understand how frustrating it can be to know that YOU have the potential to become a Successful Real Estate Investor but for some unexplained reason, it just hasn't happened!
I Know Why and I'll be the First to Give it to You Straight!
The Real Estate Market has changed, it's constantly changing and with ALL the FREE information out there, no wonder you're confused. It seems like everywhere you turn, someone has a quick fix or a product that's going to fix everything. Think about this for a second... if real estate were that easy, why isn't everyone doing it? Exactly... now Real Estate isn't difficult to learn when you have all the correct information in a specific order. Here's where I'm going to help you because I've been there many times in the past. Although it can be frustrating at times, here's some good news.

YOU CAN achieve anything you desire as a real estate investor. You can impact and positively change lives while making a lot of money. You just need to learn how!


Why? Because, I've mastered how to TEACH IT, as well as do it everyday.
NOW, I'm MAD as HELL at Certain Real Estate Trainers,
Seminar Companies and Coaches!!!
So Why Did I Create this 2-Day Training?
It's simple! I'm tired of all the misleading information, high pressure sales speakers, paid mentors, unfulfilled promises, hype and 'old school tactics' that don't deliver REAL EDUCATIONAL CONTENT. Look, we all want to make more money including myself, but there's a right way of doing things and what I see out there really ticks me off. I will change the real estate education industry and show people that there is a 'Right' way of teaching the business. This is REALLY what you want anyways.
Chris delivers the best education on the planet!
Many People Can Talk about Real Estate,
But Not Many Can Actually Teach it!
I am fed-up with those who teach you B.S. stuff like, "Just Dream-Big" ...or..."You Can Do It'. "This Business is So Easy, a 12 Year Old Can Do It" ...or... "You Don't Have to Work Hard". WHAT!?! Are you kidding me!

These are the exact lines I heard years ago and I'm still hearing them today. 

Hard Cold Fact: But I'm guessing you already know this!

Professional Sales Speakers are paid to come and train you their 'system' and up-sell you to the next level. These types of speakers don't care about YOU, they care about what you're going to buy from them. They teach you how to flip houses... then how to flip open your wallet. My point is... they're NOT actually teaching you the business because half of them haven't ever done it or they don't know how to teach it. Either way is BAD.

See, I too, listened to those speakers preaching their systems and did exactly what they said and (like SO many others...maybe even YOU), I was still confused. I do believe that these were/and are still good people deep down inside, they just didn't know how to break the business down into small ACTION steps to actually close a deal.
At Chris’ training, you will develop long-term relationships with people from across the country.
“After many seminars with other companies I was lucky enough to attend one with Chris Goff. The way he presents things, his clarity and completeness and especially Chris’s step by step explanations have certainly convinced me that his techniques will work. Chris is also an outstanding mentor. I was lucky to get him.”

Bernie O’Rourke
“This seminar was extremely helpful to me. I came here with questions and all were answered with the paperwork and flow chart and by Chris.”

Shannen Foster
Here's Where I'm Going to Finally
Clear Up All the Confusion
I've developed 10 Executable Steps... the physical things you must do in a specific order to make something happen. These same steps, I've been teaching for years and I teach them in a way that almost anyone can learn. This isn't about showing you all the 'fluff' stuff. These are the proven action steps you MUST do to complete a real estate deal no matter the strategy. Heck, it took me 12 years to even figure out on to even put this on paper!

It takes MUCH MORE than all of that "fluff" stuff!
You’ll learn REAL tips and tricks that will save you thousands of dollars... Chris uses these for every real estate flip, like this one.
Listen To What Others Have to Say...
September 16th & 17th, 2017 in Atlanta, GA
Chris Goff’s Real Estate Investing
Training Workshop is always jammed
packed with Clear... Simple... Steps that every real estate investor should know!
“This class and the training Chris provided was invaluable at clarifying the confusion that occurred in my mind. He presented the information in clear and easy-to understand format… I consider this class the real foundation to get me started in this business.
Thanks, Chris!”

Patrecia Geistfeld
Get Ready for the #1
Real Estate Investor Training on the Planet
See, I understand you already have the desire, heart and passion for helping others. So, you don't need to hear about that!

What YOU WANT RIGHT NOW is to stop struggling and to get rid of the frustration of learning how to put the pieces together so you can go out into the real world and help others, make money and take care of your family!

My Training is the BEST there is on the planet for teaching YOU the Real Estate Investing business and how you REALLY can become successful at doing what you love...helping others!
4-Time Emmy Award Winning Director Nick... with Chris in Hollywood, CA.
I Know that My Training System Can Work for YOU
Why? Because I have mastered the 'Executable Steps' for every real estate strategy that work and are validated by numerous people across the country like... cooks, car salesmen, stay at home moms, attorneys, sport athletes, engineers, doctors, software developers, plumbers, coaches, consultants, millionaires and entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU!

Also, my 'Executable Steps' have worked for me for years...and I still use them today which is VERY important because you want to learn from someone who is STILL DOING IT TODAY!

I know that I may seem to come across as a bit aggressive but I do it for one reason, and one reason only... I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did.

I TRULY want you to be a successful Real Estate Investor and build this business as big or small as you can. WHY? Because this is a much needed service in the country and there are not enough people who know how to do it.

One thing I can promise you is that I will NOT BS you and give you "fluff!" I can't stand it when people in the seminar industry do that.

My teaching style is direct, straight-forward and I don't hold back. My sole focus is to help you and give you "real" action steps that can instantly break down the walls of confusion. And, I think you'll appreciate the fact that I'm direct and to-the-point!

I created this Training so you NEVER have to go to another Real Estate-related event...EVER!

This is YOUR ONE-STOP SHOPPING place...that's why SO MANY attendees JUST LIKE YOU, continue coming back again...& again...& again. And you will too because I WILL TEACH YOU more content & give you more REAL CONTENT per minute than anyone and will show you stuff NOBODY will (or even could!)

Thank you for taking the time to read this personal letter...&... GET READY for the #1 BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTOR TRAINING in the WORLD that CAN help you become a Profitable Real Estate Investor!

Register today before the deadline as my Real Estate Investor Trainings are jammed packed!

Your Friend,
Los Angeles film crew filming us at one of our rehab houses.
“I believe there is always room for improvement, but I have to say Chris was flawless. And I feel confident that if it (topics) needs to be covered, it will be by Chris.”

Dino M.
“This is a great opportunity. You’ve given me great real estate info as well as thoughts on life.
Thanks again!”

Edward Graham
Jack Canfield - Co-Creator #1 Best-Selling Book Series Chicken Soup for the Soul with Chris at the Best Selling Author Awards and Golden Gala.
“The class was great! I loved it when Chris went over the contract with the class. He was very clear in presenting information.”

Teresa Nguyen
September 16th & 17th, 2017 in Atlanta, GA
"This is, By Far, the #1 BEST Real Estate Investor Training in the World! Nobody Comes Close to Giving You as MUCH Content as I DO! Why? Because this is the ONLY Real Estate Investor Training Where You Receive the Complete 10 'Executable Step’ System You Need...All in ONE Training!"
Don't Own Real Estate - Control It!
How to Control Real Estate with Little to No Money Down Using 10 ‘Executable’ Steps so You Know How to Do it, When to Do it and Why You’re Even Doing it!
Main Speaker
Chris Goff
2-Time Best Selling Author and Real Estate Expert
Even if you have money... What happens if it were all taken away? I mean, how would you go out and make money with Real Estate? Investing in Real Estate should be about HELPING OTHERS and you don’t need money to do that.

Even if you have money... What do you do when the banks say NO MORE LOANS? Banks will deny you after about 4 properties and all of your cash reserves will be gone. You’ll be cash flowing a few hundred dollars a month which won’t even take care of your basic bills. You’ll ask yourself... NOW WHAT? Investing in Real Estate doesn’t mean you need money... it should be about helping others, being creative, smarter than our competition and profitable.

What’s the Return On Investment when YOU have NO MONEY Invested?
- 100% -
Lease Options is one of my favorite real estate investing strategies where you don’t need any money or credit because you’re not actually purchasing homes. With Lease Options, you can get paid up to three times per deal. That’s Right! Say Goodbye to the expensive, high maintenance rental business. I will teach you my proven system on how to build a business out of it.


Did you know that 20% of car sales are a lease to own, 75% of airplane sales are a rent to own, you also have rent to own furniture…. What happened to real estate? It’s amazes me every time when I ask the question… How many people have heard of the term Rent To Own, Lease Option or Lease Purchase. Almost every hand raises.

Then I ask…

How many people have actually done one? You can see almost every hand go down. You see, most people have heard of the terms, heck you may even understand what it is. The problem for most people, is that they don’t understand how to put the pieces together and build a business from if, make money from it and most importantly, how to help people with it. Otherwise…. Most people would be working this strategy, but they don’t.
  • You’ll Learn How to Invest in Real Estate and Receive a 100% ROI with
    10 ‘Executable’ Steps!
  • You’ll Discover How to Control Property and Profit 3 Ways on Every Deal from the Down Payment, Monthly Cash Flow and on the Back end Sales Price
  • How You Can Work with Nice Properties in Nice Neighborhoods and Not the Distressed and Highly Competitive market! Say Goodbye to LOW-BALL OFFERS!
  • You’ll Learn How You Can Pay Full Price on almost any type of property including... Single Family, Commercial, Condo’s, Mobile Homes, Land, Townhomes... And Still Make Money!
  • You’ll Learn How to Find the Deals, Contact Owners, Negotiate, Make Offers, Write Contracts, Find Buyers and Make Money!
  • Armed with the Knowledge Given, You Can Make Wise Investment Decisions!
Explosive Marketing Strategies
You’ll learn 20 Explosive Marketing Strategies that will Sell Properties
Faster, Attract Buyers at Lightning Speeds and Make Your Business Stand
Out in a Professional Way!
Guest Speaker
Suni Goff
Why Do 10% of Investors Make 90% of the Money?

SIMPLE, they know how to MARKET their business!

It’s NOT Rocket Science to Know that POOR Marketing will put you out of Business,
or the Lack of Poor Education will Give You a Lifetime of Financial Misery…
This is Your Opportunity to Change Everything.
NO, NO, NO, and NO!
Times have Changed... So Why do Investors Still Use Cheesy, Outdated Marketing Tactics from the 90’s?
Discover the Latest Marketing Secret that
MOST Investors/Realtors Will Never Know About…
Chris and Suni's Marketing Strategies have been Seen On ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the USA Today, but here’s your chance to learn in-depth and in-person about a subject their very passionate about-- the most important, but most often overlooked aspect of the Real Estate business-- MARKETING.

Suni Will Share with You Time-Tested, Investor/Realtor Approved Steps to Perfecting Your Marketing Skills that Will Boost Sales within 30 Days!

6 simple steps to write better ad copy for websites, business cards, yard signs, flyers, newspaper ads, online ads, presentations, special reports and more.

I will show you REAL before and after marketing ads so you can see the difference and why you should never lower the sales price again when selling properties. You’ll discover how to quickly build buyers list with little effort.

You’ll practice in class with hands-on activities including writing effective headlines that will grab a reader and turn them into a buyer.
  • You’ll Learn What to say, How to say it and Why you’re even saying it to get results with your marketing dollars.
  • Discover the Exact Headlines, Phrases, and Power Words that Work in Every Market and the One’s I use to Market my Business!
  • How to Write Kick Butt Ads every time! A must have for anyone selling houses!
  • You’ll Learn How to Develop the the Correct Content for Websites, Landing Pages and everything Online!
  • Discover How to Create a Professional Look and Feel with Timeless Style so You DON’T come across as a Sleazy Investor!
  • You’ll Learn Online Marketing Strategies that have Generated Millions of Dollars!
Pre-Foreclosure Investing
Learn How to Work with People in Pre-foreclosure. This is a
very ‘niche’ business with no competition.
Main Speaker
Chris Goff
2-Time Best Selling Author and Real Estate Expert
Pre-foreclosures happen every day in every city in every state. Most of these homeowners will ruin their credit for up to 10 years and go through financial hardship for the next year or two.But… there is a way to help these people avoid the financial struggle and credit embarrassment. Not only will I show you how you can help people pre-foreclosure, you’ll learn how to make a fortune in the process.

This business in NOT about taking advantage of people. I will show you to do it ethically!!!
Most investors in the business simply don’t have the ‘know how’ to put these deals together and miss the opportunity to help people in a desperate situation. Well, now’s your chance to learn how to get started.
$82,000Profit for helping someone in a bad situation. Isn’t it our job to help others? I’m going to walk you through the entire process so you can do the same for others.
Here’s the Best Part of the Business...
When You Receive a Testimonial from the Seller...
It Makes You Feel Good about What You Do!
Dear Chris,

“You have no idea how much you've helped me and my family out and how much it
means to me for saving our credit. Thank you so much and may god bless your family!"

Steve Vitale
Foreclosures Happen Everyday and Will Continue to Ruin People’s Lives for Years to Come. You just need to Learn How to Do It Ethically and I’m Going to Show You How!
  • I will show you how to Make a Fortune working with people in Pre-Foreclosure where you live. The ups, the downs and the mistakes most Investors will face.
  • I'll walk you through an actual deal, from finding it, how to speak with the owners, the paperwork required and the outcome.
  • I’ll show you how to use other people's money to acquire these deals, fix them up and re sell them quickly for huge profits so you don’t have to use your own money.
  • You'll learn how to get started in the pre foreclosure business that will not only change the lives of so many people, but it will change your bank account.
Today's Real Estate Marketing Funnel
How to Use Online & Offline Marketing Strategies to
Drive Traffic... Prospects... Sellers... Buyers... & Investors Back To You.
Special Guest Speaker
Bo Manry
Best Selling Author and Real Estate Marketing Expert

Simplify... Qualify... Automate...

Now that you have learned to write better ad copy from Session #2, now it's time to put it in action. You've probably heard that every SUCCESSFUL business uses a marketing funnel. TRUE! But, it's not about opening the flood gates of prospects, its about QUALITY & TARGETED prospects. Otherwise, you will waste time with dead end leads and become broke.

Think about this... You can be the best at your craft, but without marketing, no one will ever know how you can help others and solve problems. This is why most businesses will fail.

You are going to learn THE BEST marketing platforms for real estate investors in your market... Simplify the processes... Learn how to Qualify your prospects... AND automate your marketing to save TIME... Which is the most valuable asset you have.

If You Don't Know Where You're Going, How Do You Know When You Get There?

  • You'll discover my personal marketing flow chart that has generated MILLIONS of dollars. We will walk through each step thoroughly so you can implement these same strategies in your business. This will become your new roadmap to success.
  • You'll learn the best places to market your business to achieve maximum results. These are not the 'run of the mill' ideas that others teach you. These are specific to real estate investing and have worked in our personal investing business.
  • How to separate yourself from all the competition and generate better quality leads that will save you thousands of dollars and most importantly... TIME!
  • You'll discover 5 automation strategies that will run on AUTOPILOT, so you can focus your efforts on more important things. Chris will teach you those important things.
Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors
Real Estate Investors Waste Thousands of Dollars Every Year Because They Don't Even Know They're Doing It! Learn The In's & Out's and Save Thousands!
Special Guest Speaker
Roger Herring

Investors are unique … The way you think is not like everyone else… The things you do are not the same as others... And the part of the tax code that applies
to you is different from the rest.

Roger is the Founder and CEO of Investors Accounting. Roger
will share with you the difference between legal and tax structures, how the
IRS classifies Real Estate Investors, the difference between passive and
ordinary income and the proper tax structures. And So Much More! You don’t want
to miss this!

What You Will Learn

  • The difference between legal and tax structures
  • The 4 basic tax structures
  • Understand how the IRS classifies investors
  • The difference between passive and ordinary income and the proper tax structure
  • Understanding phantom loss and how to use it
  • The three different types of investor (IRS point of View)
  • Understand the unlimited potential of the real estate pro
  • Identify how many LLCs you really need
  • The possible pitfalls of a single member LLC
  • Understand using conduits to allow partner with different objectives to work together
Master Your New Skills During Hands-On Practice Sessions
We cover a lot of information during our two days together. To ensure you walk away ready to implement your new knowledge, we incorporate hands-on exercises throughout each day so you can practice your new skills. Get answers to questions that arise as you begin implementation and gain One-On-One Pointers and guidance from Chris Goff personally.

I know there’s a lot of info packed in 2 days but I can cover everything listed above (and more) where you don’t feel something was left out or you have to buy the next big thing.

This is NOT your typical real estate seminar circus act.
It’s REAL, it’s EDUCATIONAL and I Deliver Rock Solid Information You Can use the Very Next Day.
YES! Chris, I want to Invest in my Real Estate Investing Career. Sign me up for the next Training (September 16th and 17th in Atlanta, GA). Since I am acting now, I will invest $497 $197. My enrollment also includes a large manual of Chris’ presentation so you can stay on track and take notes... and a networking continental breakfast each morning!
Because you're enrolling now, you'll also receive the following FREE BONUS:
Fast Action Bonus: When you enroll RIGHT NOW, you can also bring a friend/spouse for FREE! This V.I.P. Guest Pass grants them access to the workshop AND admission to our networking breakfast each day. (Note: We do not provide a workbook for your guest but can be purchased separately at a discount rate of $50.00)
Secure Your Seat Before They Are Gone!
(Your Reservation Will Be Processed Over Secure Servers.)
Start RIGHT by Attending this 2-Day Training Because
too Many People Start WRONG!
Chris, is there a Guarantee?
We provide the best real estate investor training on the planet and deliver more content than any other real estate investing training seminar you’ve attended. If even after attending the 1st day, you feel I'm not delivering on what is promised on this website, you can choose to turn in your materials and ask for a full 100% REFUND and you'll get it...
Now there's no excuse for not attending. If you're serious about making money as a real estate investor, then register ASAP before the limited number of slots are filled. Once they're filled, the Seminar is closed!
Step 1 - Register ASAP (Before we are SOLD OUT)
Step 2 - Put The Date On Your Calendar
Date: September 16th and 17th, 2017 in Atlanta, GA
Saturday Registration - 7:30-8:30 am
Saturday Workshop Training - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday Social Networking - 5:30 pm - until??? (optional)
Sunday Workshop Training - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Step 3 - Then Reserve Your Travel and Hotel Room
Only if traveling from out of the area.
Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway

2020 Convention Center Concourse
Atlanta, GA 30337
Phone: 888-239-1203

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September 16th & 17th, 2017 in Atlanta, GA

Don't Postpone Success, It's Right In Front of You!