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March 19th & 20th

Learn How to Build Wealth in Real Estate
at this 2-Day Boot Camp
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Come let Chris Goff show you how to make money in
real estate without using your money or credit, regardless of your experience.


If you’re not jumping into the real estate vehicle right now and making a lot of money, you’re missing the best opportunity of your lifetime to build wealth. Current economic conditions have opened a door the size of which I haven’t seen in over 20 years.

Take off the blinders and open your eyes because we may never see this again in our lifetime.

Why Should You Attend? It’s Simple!

Give Me Two Days, and I’ll Show You STEP-BY-STEP How to Make an Extra $5,000 - $50,000 a Month Investing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate. If you truly want to build wealth in real estate, something has to change. You have to learn how to do it and there’s no better time than right now.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I was determined to develop a system. And during three solid years of research and testing, I created and fine-tuned the system you’ll master at this 2-day training boot camp.

I am one of the nation’s leading experts with over 500 ACTUAL deals under my belt. Helping people solve problems and helping people make money in real estate is a true passion! This passion of helping people led me to working for Donald Trump, teaching thousands of people just like you around the country how to flip real estate without money or credit.

Eventually, New York Times Best Selling Author, Brian Tracy invited me to be interviewed on his Premier Experts TV Show that aired on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates across the country. I later co-authored a highly successful book with Brian, making me a 2-TIME BEST SELLING AUTHOR. This is AWESOME!

My credibility speaks for itself, but my teaching style and real estate system speaks volumes. My students and I are making thousands of dollars every single day and I want to show you how to do it, too. But you’ll have to attend my boot camp to learn how.

"Chris Goff is one of the most sought after Real Estate educators in the country. He has spent his whole life helping others succeed in Real Estate."

New York Times Best Selling Author - Brian Tracy

Here’s What You’ll Discover at My 2-Day
Real Estate Boot Camp

Would you like to discover a foolproof system for making money in real estate while actually spending more time with your family?

Then keep reading… because you’re about to learn the following:

 Session 1  – How to earn Money in Real Estate With No Money or Credit, working Part or Full Time

  • You’ll discover the fastest way to make money in any market and how you can do it without money or credit. I’ll show you how I did 46 transactions my very first year and put $98,000 in my bank account. This exact same system has made millions!!!
  • Over 15 proven ways to find the best deals before anyone else and what to say to get the deal done fast.
  • You’ll learn my 10 Step Success System so you know exactly what to do and when to do it. It’s not just about knowing the strategy; it’s knowing how to connect the dots to make money.
  • Learn how to negotiate with sellers and buyers so you can create win-win deals. Your confidence will skyrocket when I teach you what to say and how to say it.
  • You’ll discover how to collect checks up to $10,000 or more instead of struggling to have the life you work so hard for.

"I’m really excited because I didn’t know anything about real estate and I’m more excited that I now know the Executable Steps to go out and starting building wealth."

Alicia Thomas - Houston, TX

 Session 2  – Explosive Marketing Strategies to Make More Money Selling Properties, Building Your Lists Without Looking Like a ‘Cheesy’ Investor

  • 6 simple steps to write better ad copy for websites, business cards, yard signs, flyers, newspaper ads, online ads, presentations, special reports and more.
  • I will show you REAL before and after marketing ads so you can see the difference and why you should never lower the sales price again when selling properties.
  • You’ll discover how to quickly build a buyers list with little effort.
  • You’ll practice, in hands-on class activities, how to write effective headlines that will grab a reader and turn them into a buyer.

 Session 3  – How to Help People Out of Foreclosure, Save Their Credit and Make a Fortune – ETHICALLY!

  • Learn how to start flipping houses while helping homeowners get out of foreclosure.
  • Why investing in Pre-foreclosures is one of the hottest businesses to make a fortune in today’s real estate market.
  • I’ll show you how to find them in seconds, research the data, pull comparable sales, contact owners and close the deal.
  • Learn to maximize return on investments by investing in pre-foreclosures instead of putting down 20% with traditional banks.

You’ll learn that investing in pre-foreclosures is a great way to help people through a difficult situation. This is not a typical real estate strategy that investors work. Why? Because most investors don’t have the knowledge to work them. They have the same, old school philosophy, ‘buy low and sell high’. Really? This is a great strategy to not only help people, but make a lot of money in the process and feel good about what you’re doing.

 Session 4  – Pay the Seller FULL Price and Still Make a 6-7 Figure Income on Nice Homes in Nice Neighborhoods!

  • How to build a massive portfolio of properties without ever owning them or putting any money into them.
  • You’ll learn how to get paid 3 times of every lead, every time. When you get paid 1 time, you’re basically un-employed until you find another deal. NOT with this strategy!
  • How you can pay the seller full price and still make fortune in Real Estate. NO more low-ball offers!
  • Discover how controlling real estate can be one of the most rewarding businesses to be in.

"I made over $660,000 with Chris' teachings my very first year. Chris' strategies and approach to Real Estate is absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything."

Rex Cress - Savannah, GA

Event Speakers

Main Speaker

Chris Goff

2-Time Best Selling Author

As Seen On:

I am one of the nation’s leading experts with over 17 years experience.

  • Donald Trump - Former Head Trainer and Educator
  • 2012 Top 30 Entrepreneur in America
  • Featured Guest Expert on The Brian Tracy TV Show
  • Co-Author of UnCommon with Brian Tracy
  • Personally Mentored and Coached 500+ Individuals and Companies in 5 Countries

Guest Speaker

Bo Manry

Best Selling Author

Market Your Business Online and Get Real Results

I will teach you how to maximize your online presence, get ranking, build successful ads and generate business where most investors don't. With my inside secrets, you'll finally be able to build an online presence that will dominate the competition, save time, and make you more money than ever before.

Master Your New Skills During Hands-On Practice Sessions

We cover a lot of information during our two days together. To ensure you walk away ready to implement your new knowledge, we incorporate hands-on exercises throughout each day so you can practice your new skills. Get answers to questions that arise as you begin implementation and gain one-on-one pointers and guidance from our team of trained teaching assistants.

I know there’s a lot of info packed in 2 days but I can cover everything listed above (and more) where you don’t feel something was left out or you have to buy the next big thing. This is NOT your typical real estate seminar circus act. It’s REAL, it’s EDUCATIONAL and we deliver rock solid information you can use the very next day.

"I made $47,000 with only one deal using Chris Goff’s methods. I learned how to make multiple offers instead of only one low offer and that’s something I wasn’t able to do in the past."

Nanette Swieckowski - Fort Lauderdale, FL

What You’ll Get When You Attend

My new book co-authored with Brian Tracy

‘UnCommon’ - Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge from Today's Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Help You Lead an Extraordinary Life of Health, Wealth and Success. Quick and downloadable.

More Free Gifts

Training Manual - This is our 2-day presentation in workbook form so you can easily take notes and follow along. ($497.00 Value )

Flipping Real Estate CD - Learn to Profit with 5 Powerful Strategies on an actual CD. ($49.95 Value )

6 Simple Steps to Unlocking Your Marketing Potential CD - Learn how to write better ad copy and maximize profit potential. ($49.95 Value )

5 Real Estate Strategies I Teach in Every Market Guide - These Strategies are exactly what I’ve been teaching my students for years and they are incredibly successful! ($19.95 Value )

Seller Q&A CD - Learn how to respond to seller questions so you look like a pro. ($49.95 Value )

30 Days of Email Support - You will receive 30 days of email support to get your most pressing questions answered. ($997.00 Value )

Ok Chris, How Much?

This is the best part, your 2-Day training PLUS all the free gifts is only $99.00

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That’s right, ONLY $99.00 and bring a guest for only $50.00 more. Regular price for this weekend training is $997.00, but I am so sure you NEED to be here that I am taking away any excuse for you not to attend!

Enroll now and take control of your financial future...

One Weekend Can Change Everything if You Take Action

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Ft Lauderdale, FL

Sold Out

Baltimore, MD

Sold Out

Atlanta, GA

March 19th & 20th

"After learning your methods, I seller financed a pharmacy for $800K with NO money down. I gained instant equity of $400K. The skills I learned are invaluable."

Debbie Smith - Phoenix, AZ